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Frigates Of EVE Online: The Cross Sections Now Available!

2017-06-13 - By CCP t0rfifrans

Frigates of EVE is finally out!

CCP and Dark Horse Comics are very happy to announce the release of “Frigates of EVE – The Cross Sections”. This is a book we´ve been wanting to bring to you for many years. After blood, sweat, tears and countless pixels filled, it´s finally in stores.

Where can I buy it?

The book is available in comic book stores and book stores throughout the world that generally carry Dark Horse books.

You can buy it online at Amazon by clicking the flags for your territory below:

Outside Amazon, the book is also available from Dark Horse´s Things From Another World (US) and Forbidden Planet ( UK )

What is it?

In short, this is the book that tells you what you’ve been flying all those years. Aside from a very cool cutaway of an Algos in EVE Source, and some very early blueprints on the EVE website over fifteen years ago, very little has been done in terms of revealing the intricate details of the engineering marvels you pilots command. CCP was lucky enough to work with an amazing artist, Will Burns, who had worked for CCP prior, and dedicated over a year of his life to the painstaking task of illustrating 28 frigates. Will worked closely with the art and story teams to ensure that we have the most up-to date, accurate and aesthetically pleasing representation of EVE´s ships and innards available.

Hard specs

  • 160 pages of spaceawesome
  • 28 Frigates, each with an illustration by Will Burns, beautiful screenshot and detailed descriptions by CCP Falcon
  • Two short stories, “Cat & Mouse” by CCP Falcon and “Eye of the Needle” by CCP Delegate Zero
  • One short story on propulsion by Max Singularity
  • One technical article on capsule technology by CCP Falcon
  • One technical article on ship subsystems by CCP Falcon
  • Four paintings by Borkur Eiriksson

Ships featured:


  • Crucifier
  • Executioner
  • Inquisitor
  • Magnate
  • Punisher
  • Slicer
  • Tormentor


  • Bantam
  • Condor
  • Griffin
  • Heron
  • Hookbill
  • Kestrel
  • Merlin


  • Atron
  • Comet
  • Imicus
  • Incursus
  • Maulus
  • Navitas
  • Tristan


  • Breacher
  • Burst
  • Firetail
  • Probe
  • Rifter
  • Slasher
  • Vigil

It’s all true. All of it.

Seriously. This book is canon. Anything that´s stated or implied in there is a fact. We went to great pains to ensure that ship descriptions, their development history, and even the details of the gruesome fates of some prototype work crews were accurately sourced. The same applies for photographic evidence of Gallentean debauchery or intensely thorough Amarr rituals of cleansing. 

All are in celestial harmony with existing lore, chronicles, item descriptions and our good bible, EVE Source. Down to the different reactors each race uses, unique brands of capacitor banks, FTL assemblies, mainframes and gravimetric sensor arrays. We even brought in outside help!

Papal propulsion prose from Max Singularity

Max Singularity the VI, first of his name, kindly offered to appear as a guest writer for this book, to write on a topic very dear to him, propulsion titled “Passage of Knowledge”. Max explains how Power-Enhanced-Generators enable FTL travel, generate energy for capacitors and even act as space anchors. His terran alter-ego Charles White, who works for an Earth based propulsion laboratory, can be seen here at EVE Fanfest 2017 giving a detailed lecture on the topic:

Why is my pirate frigate not there?! Where are the battlecruisers!?

When scoping out the book, we had to find a delicate balance between something worth owning, and something we were capable of producing in a year and a half or so. EVE has so many ships. Great as that is, it´s annoying when you want to make a compendium. We also didn´t want the work rushed. We wanted quality pictures, with rich detail and interesting written material to go along with it. It made sense for us to start at the beginning. With the Frigates. But we struggled with keeping it at the base 28 racial frigates. However, we would love to do more of these books, but that decision is made solely based on how many books we sell. It´s as simple as that. If you want us to do more of these books, show us your love by purchasing this one. For you, for your friends and for your frenemies.

Also, if you buy the book online, we strongly encourage you to give your feedback. Please write reviews, even if it´s just giving stars!

Good or bad, we want to hear it. We would never have gotten this far with EVE without you, hope to continue making great stuff, in partnership with one of the most amazing player communities out there.

Fly safe!

  • CCP t0rfifrans