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From Moonraiders to Moonrakers

2008-06-09 - By Svarthol

War for Profit - On Sunday 1st June, STYX. along with ally Band Of Brothers, made another concerted effort to take the dysprosium moon in Ertoo from Red Alliance. This time they succeeded.

STYX. Alliance had made two previous attempts to take the moon but were repelled both times with major losses, including the loss of 2 motherships. This time however, a fleet of approximately 150 vessels entered the Ertoo system and converged on the moon mining array and the supporting tower.

![STYX Moon Mining Array](// "STYX Moon Mining Array") [View Visual Record](//

Lv Stein, a director of STYX. shared his feelings about the past failures and eventual success;"We took heavy losses on [our] previous attempt[s] as you know, but our spirit was not broken. We were determined and came a lot more prepared...[We brought] more [of] everything, including more friends, the fleet was close to 150 pod pilots in different ship sizes and roles"

_A lot of effort has gone into securing this dysprosium moon for STYX. When asked why, Stein told us, "Any effort to decrease RA ability to sustain long term war is worth it, no matter the cost. Losing 2 motherships so quickly always create[s] some effect, but was quickly overcome by the spirit of everyone involved."

It may have taken them them a few attempts and a few billion ISK's worth of ships but STYX. have now taken one of the most profitable moons in New Eden, thus giving a major income boost to their alliance. More important to them however, is that they have deprived their enemy of a great prize.

Interstellar Correspondents will keep you up to date with any further development_