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‘G’ Ascend on a new Frontier

2005-11-21 - By Svarthol

For quite some time now Feythabolis has been a stable home of the Ascendant Frontier. That is until a few days ago when the G Alliance aided by it’s family of IRON and Razor popped up to set up shop in the area.

The weary peace was shattered when the, until recently friendly, comrades in arms came to position a G Alliance owned POS in Ascendant space. Ascendants reply to this brash act of defiance was one of extreme force in deploying not one but five Dreadnought class ships to engage the POS. As expected the POS’ shield began to fail quickly and the technicians responsible for it’s care had to place the station into Reinforced mode until fleet reinforcements could be mustered to defend it.

We witnessed many running battles between the forces of Ascendant Frontier against the hostile fleets of G Alliance, IRON and Razor Alliance. When Cmd Woodlouse, Cataclysm Enterprises of the G Alliance was interviewed during a lull in the fighting, he explained the presence of all three alliances as a pre-emptive strike against ASCN after intelligence of growing hostilities. He went on to explain the bond between G, IRON and Razor. ‘If any of those entities are threatened, the other 2 will help, we are like a family’. When asked where this action is leading long term the reply was: ‘Time will tell, its in ASCN’s hands now and until they learn. They know what we mean!’ Cmd Woodlouse showed his ‘respect’ for the Ascendant Frontier commanders who managed to field the five Dreadnoughts in as a response to tackle the POS in the first engagement. However when we were present ‘G’ turned the tide and there was no sign of a single dread on either side.

We managed to catch up with Adhamhnon, a fleet commander for Celestial Horizon Corporation of the Ascendant Frontier. While clearly preoccupied with the tasks at hand he was very clear that Ascendant Frontier was not an expansionist alliance but merely claiming the areas of Impass and Feythabolis, which they have protected against minor ‘Mercenary’ incursions for many months already. He clearly stated that: ‘Tonight's battle is the largest in a culmination of events between us, the G alliance, the IRON alliance and associated allies of them.' When questioned whether ASCN would be calling in reinforcements to deal with these multiple alliance threat the offhand reply was: ‘We have no plans to call in allies at this time. We feel confident in our capabilities to defend our territory. He went on to say: ‘ We feel confident in our ability and determination to push back any invading force, and will fight for every inch of ground in our space.’ Clearly ASCN is here to stay and is willing to pull out all the stops to defend its area of space.

While on the battle front there is at present no clear victor, the sight of five dreadnoughts on the first night and a firm presence of both ‘G’ and family together with the resolve of ASCN it looks as if the battle is far from over.

We shall no doubt be reporting further on this situation as it evolves.