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Gallente Corporation relocating to Caldari space

2004-10-10 - By Svarthol

Galactic Trading and Logistics CEO Jashira Ne’Rgha announced today that the GTAL headquarters are being relocated to the Caldari system Otsasai, in the Lonetrek Region.

Why Ms. Ne’Rgha opted to move the GTAL headquarters to a Caldari system is unknown. In a brief interview she made the following statement:

“Galactic Trading and Logistics are moving to expand their horizons. Business has been slow the last few years, so we opted to move our headquarters to another region of space. We hope to acquire new contracts for a mutually beneficial growth with the local, privately owned, corporations. Inquiries can be made.”

When asked if the sudden decision to move regions was connected to rumours surround Ms. Ne’Rgha’s personal vendetta with an undisclosed third party:

“Don’t be preposterous! Such suggestions are untrue and unfit for this press conference! We are here to announce a historic day in the history of Galactic Trading and Logistics - we’re not here to talk about rumours and hearsay.”

Galactic Trading and Logistics, a small but old and respected corporation, was originally based in the Luminaire system. GTAL primarily deals in trafficking and mineral acquisition contracts in which it strives to provide customers with affordable hauling fees, raw minerals and goods.