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Gallente Medical Charity Under Pressure Over Salvation Crusade

2009-03-21 - By Svarthol

Pator – The Gallente charity, Aidonis Medical, claimed today that the Minmatar Republic government is applying "subtle but definite pressure" against aiding Cleric Abel Jarek’s Salvation Crusade movement. The humanitarian aid division of the respected Aidonis Foundation, Aidonis Medical has deployed hundreds of doctors and volunteers to Pator and other Minmatar systems since the immigration increases to the Minmatar Republic in early YC110.

Tensions between the government and Aidonis Medical are reported to arise from differing views on the handling and discussion of the humanitarian situation in the Republic. The charity group refers to the growing townships in suburban Minmatar areas as "refugee camps," despite the government’s insistence that they are "merely holding and transit camps for returning Minmatar." These tensions were heightened by Dr. Arturio Kiervalani, a volunteer medic with Aidonis Medical, who spoke about the riot in which the Salvation Crusade's chapel was burned down. Dr. Kiervalani has since returned to the Federation after his license to practice medicine in the Republic was revoked.

Dr. Verigold Sarsou, speaking for Aidonis Medical, stated that her organization was placed under "insidious pressure" to withdraw medical and humanitarian aid workers from the Salvation Crusade compound. "Needless to say, we have resisted this and will continue our work amongst all Minmatar refugees," said Dr. Sarsou. A spokesman for the Republic government denied these claims. The spokeman refused to discuss the case of Dr. Kiervalani, insisting that it was a confidential matter.