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Gas cloud discoveries a load of hot air

2007-11-21 - By Svarthol

Following extensive investigation of the recently discovered gas clouds in Amevync, Elerelle, Hed, Tartatven, Mivora, Umamon, Fabai, Joas, researchers have reported that the gas clouds are not as initially hoped.

Early reports suggested that the gas clouds were rich in various cytoserocins. These gas crystals are primarily known for their usage in booster manufacture, however, scientists believe that they could be used in a variety of other medical applications. Following the initial announcement by Poteque Pharmaceuticals of gas clouds discovered in Amevync and Elerelle, there was a rush of prospectors looking for similar clouds in other regions. Several more groupings of them were discovered and many were hopeful they'd end up being a veritable mother load.

Such is not to be, however. "After extensive research, we have been unable to find any actual cytoserocins in the clouds," reported Tertlaert Auste of Poteque. Similar findings were soon echoed in the other regions. "We do not know if we were the target of a hoax or merely an unfortunate overreaction by hopeful prospectors. What stands, however, is that the gas clouds are virtually useless for the medical applications we had once hoped."

Only Eifyr and Co. had an official press release about the false discoveries, saying "Eifyr and Co. has no further plans to dedicate resources to these gas clouds."