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Gladiatorial mass grave discovered in Zaimeth

2005-09-10 - By Svarthol

In the past few hours over 70 bodies belonging to Minmatar slaves and gladiators have been found lying in a disused hanger in the Amarrian Navy's Assembly Plant in the system of Zaimeth. The bodies, heavily decomposed, were only discovered after complaints about the smell emanating from the warehouse were made to regional authorities by guests at the station.

Laid out in a way indicative of traditional Amarrian burial rites before a small, makeshift altar, the bodies all bore the hallmarks of severe Vitoc withdrawal. Preliminary analysis of the corpses conducted by local specialists has identified several of the bodies, both gladiators and slaves, as having belonged to the murdered holder Bamadak Pareh. When speaking with his widow it was revealed that several of his best gladiators did not suffer the same fate, having not been treated with Vitoc as a gift from the holder for their exemplary performances in the underground gladiatorial ring. A number of the slaves have also been positively identified as belonging to the late Rezini Lifu, however none of the dead gladiators have yet been identified as belonging to him.

A blood stained Matari ceremonial blade was also found nearby in a patch of dried blood, which has since been established as what appears to be the remnants of a Minmatar retribution ceremony. Quite what all this has to do with the recent attacks on Vitoc shipments by gladiatorial raiding parties and pod pilots alike has not been revealed, however this has not stopped the speculations from all involved.