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GoonSwarm Corporate Expulsions Lead To Supercarrier Death

2010-02-04 - By Svarthol

31-MLU, Syndicate - Near 06:00 this morning, over 100 corporations were expelled from the GoonSwarm [OHGOD] alliance. Issachiar, pilot of a Hel-class supercarrier for GoonFleet, was caught by the dissolution of his alliance while within the shields of a starbase belonging to Battlestars corporation. The Hel was expelled from the shields where waiting forces from Cry Havoc [C H] fell upon the vessel.

When corporations began dropping out of GoonSwarm, Cry Havoc began receiving automated surrender messages. Mduncan0341 of C H described how those messages became a supercapital kill for him and his wingmates.

"We were on a roam, when we noticed Goonswarm alliance disbanding - our mailboxes were being flooded with surrender notices, since we have an active wardec against them. We ran back to Orvolle to ship into [remote repair battleships] since we knew they had a supercap staging [tower] in 31-MLU and we knew caps would bounce as they [arrived]."

While GoonFleet members VCtab and Apples Appleby claimed the Hel's death was a desperate, deliberate and suicidal act from a pilot devasted by the loss of his alliance, eyewitnesses in Cry Havoc stated that the supercarrier was repelled by the Battlestars' tower's shield and recoiled a substantial distance, at least in terms of supercapital speeds - an accidental casualty of GoonSwarm's shattering.

According to mducnan0341 and his wingmate, spiked amarr, while the Hel at first managed to evade the C H fleet as they jumpbridged in, the ship was uncloaked at a nearby moon by a scouting Dramiel. It was tackled and the Cry Havoc raiding fleet quickly called in their standby capitals, including a pair of titans and a supercarrier of their own.

The C H pilots described how the former GoonSwarm corporations sent multiple waves of ships in an attempt to break the Hel out from the interdiction the C H fleet had put upon it, using Interdictor warp disruption "bubbles" and the infinite strength warp scrambling of Heavy Interdictors. The combined fleet from Cry Havoc and incoming allies Ev0ke, however, was able to destroy the Hel in approximately 6 minutes and turn their attention to evacuating their own supercapitals before a heavy fleet from GoonSwarm's so-called "CapSwarm" could respond. In the end, C H were able to depart the field with very light losses.

The expulsion of GoonSwarm's corporations has caused the collapse of the alliance's remaining sovereignty in Delve and Querious. (Other systems were lost on 26.01.112 when GoonFleet corporation was unable to make necessary upkeep payments.)

Multiple sources within the former GoonSwarm corporations have claimed that the corporations were expelled by karttoon, the former alliance leader and CEO of GoonFleet. Karttoon was allegedly one of three people who could have transferred funds to the correct division of the right corporate wallet to make the sovereignty payments, but he was absent at the time, as were the two other officers with wallet access.

Another source in GoonFleet speculated that mass demands for karttoon's resignation in the wake of the lapsed upkeep payments in Delve may have motivated his alleged actions.

In addition to expelling the GoonSwarm corporations from the alliance shell, karttoon is alleged to have emptied the corporate and alliance wallet divisions that he could access, taking sums reported varyingly as 300 - 500 billion ISK in liquid funds and a possible trillion ISK in assets.

Apples Appleton claimed karttoon then went on to detonate several ships from the alliance dreadnought cache in order to claim the insurance, but other sources have queried that descriptions of the destroyed ships showed that their names spelled out an insulting message to karttoon.

IT Alliance has been fighting GoonSwarm for control of Delve since earlier this year, though emnity runs deeper for some of IT's corporations who were previously in KenZoku and Band of Brothers alliances. Selest Cayal, CEO of IT's Nex Exercitus corporation, commented on the abrupt vanishment of GoonSwarm, at least in its present form.

"Well, the job of purging delve is going to be lighter. The circle is completed: they disbanded BoB and now they manage to get themselves disbanded.

"But we also lost a great enemy. I'm sure we will see the Goons again, in some form or another."

In the wake of GoonSwarm's dissolution into its constituent corporations, there is much speculation on what they will do next. A reported statement by Darius JOHNSON, former GoonSwarm leader and likely leadership candidate for any replacement, says:

"As many of you may have noticed we no longer have an alliance. The very gentleman who is CEO of fleet is the likely culprit so we'll be dropping Goonfleet as well. Goonfleet is dead. Goonswarm is dead. We will now bask in the glory of Goonwaffe."

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