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Got ships? Need more? And it's a Girl!

2004-08-16 - By CCP Oveur

I'm sorry for my absence, my wife gave birth to a girl last thursday, was an emergency C section so I had to run away. But don't worry! I'm back and wont take any leave until Shiva is out. It won't be long until we'll stop all coding work on the Castor branch, only deploying Tech Level 2 content and critical bug fixes. Personally, I'm going to finish the Shiva section and publish a rough timeline for Shiva, but other things have been cooking while I was away.

First, got ships? Do you still encounter tender Scorpion giving your Raven some love? Under what circumstances? Let me know, there are still cases around, but we hope its spread has lessened considerably. And since we are on the matter of ships. Assault Ships will enter TQ tomorrow, appearing at an research Agent near you over the next week or so. Skills for them along with the TL2 gunnery skills will also appear on the market. We're working on a couple of other ships for release over the next month, probably the Support Cruiser coming next up. Stay tuned for Shiva and ships updates.