Guard and Rise headed for EVE New England - see you there! | EVE Online

Guard and Rise headed for EVE New England - see you there!

2015-05-21 - By CCP Guard

EVE New England (August 6-9) is a truly unique experience for any EVE player who enjoys the company of fellow pilots. Held on a farm in New Hampshire only an hour´s drive from Boston, it offers three days of fun activites and space talk under the starry August sky (If camping is not your style there are several inns/hotels in the general area).

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Current list of activities includes a PVP jousting tournament, an EVE Card Game tournament, a poker tournament, a beer pong tournament and several presentations from fellow eve players. We are currently still accepting applications for people interested in presenting (more information on the EVE New England Website)

The event, which even has a party barn, was a raging success last year and is looking to grow considerably this year in every regard, with more people coming, a day added and more events on the program.

CCP Guard (Lead Community Developer) and CCP Rise (Game Designer) are not going to miss the fun and will be there to hang out and exchange space wisdom.

Rise and Guard have been practicing their marshmallow roasting in the office

Tickets are on sale now on the EVE New England Website with all food included for the duration of the event.

See you there o7