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Guristas express displeasure at being barred from tournament

2008-02-21 - By Svarthol

Venal - In an announcement that surprised many, the Guristas - known mainly as pirate scourges of Caldari space and surrounding null-sec - revealed that they attempted to enter a team into the 5th Alliance Tournament but were turned down by tournament organizers.

"We really were looking forward to showing those independents what we got," said Estamel Tharchon, the Guristas pilot who had planned on heading up their team. "Sadly, they decided they didn't want us. Probably because it'd take all the drama out of it."

Tournament organizers acknowledged that the Guristas applied for a spot in the tournament. "There were numerous reasons why we turned them down," said Aurora Soleil, the representative of the Mercantile Club, one of the corporations sponsoring the tournament. "First of all, they aren't an alliance. Secondly, they aren't a pod pilot only organization. This is a tournament for pod pilots, after all. Third, they didn't apply soon enough."

"Yeah, right," said Kaikka Peunato, another of the potential Guristas team members. "I've heard excuses before. Those are all excuses. The Mercantile Club probably threw a fit about it because it was us."

Regardless of the fact that they have been turned away, the Guristas will still be watching the tournament with interest. "I love watching people kill each other," said Haruo Wako, a high ranking member of the Guristas.