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Happy Holidays... From Us to You!

2013-12-12 - By CCP Pokethulhu

The Icelandic weather is an unpredictable beast at the best of times, but after weeks of grey skies and driving rains Thor and his brethren have ultimately delivered clear skies and crisp snow. With decorations lining the streets and lighting up the winter darkness, the holiday spirit is in full effect!

While this is traditionally a time to reflect and acknowledge just how far we have come together, it’s also been an exciting time to share our vision of the future.

2013 has been a watershed year -- the start of our Second Decade for EVE as a shared universe. Connecting DUST 514 to TQ began the next phase of EVE's evolution as a single shard universe as both EVE capsuleers and DUST mercs collaborated and conspired towards greater deeds than either group could do alone.

While DUST 514 continues to evolve, most recently with exciting new changes coming to Orbital Strikes from EVE pilots, we were also blown away by the community and industry reaction to a tech demo put together by a small CCP team in their spare time. What started out as a humble incubation project has emerged as EVE: Valkyrie, the third game in the EVE Universe, which has rapidly become one of the most highly anticipated games launching in 2014.

At Fanfest, we shared a future vision of EVE Online, a vision of Capsuleers wresting more control from the Empires, of venturing out and exploring the hidden reaches of space and staking claim in new frontiers. This journey started with our Odyssey and Rubicon expansions, and will ultimately lead to the promise of capsuleer-controlled stargates hurtling you into the unknown.

This is going to be one hell of a journey, and we're thrilled to have you with us.

Without the support of the EVE community we would not be in the position we are today, growing year over year and being able to do what we love, weaving together the fabric of the world's largest gaming universe. You are an amazing, dynamic, talented, creative, cutthroat, generous, hilarious, maddening, brilliant group of people from all around the world.

Let's take a moment to appreciate just a few of the awesome player-driven events that have made 2013 so memorable: the simple mistake that led to the battle of Asakai, the epic Fountain War, the battle at 6VDT (the largest space battle in the history of humanity!), the FWeddit/Subdreddit Capsuleer and Mercenary alliance, all capped off with an amazing outpouring of support for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in a record-setting PLEX for Good campaign..

Now, as 2013 draws to a close and our Second Decade begins in earnest, it's time for a little surprise.

Icelandic folklore tells of 13 mischievous 'Yule Lads' who come down from the mountains to spread seasonal cheer, and some things not so cheerful, to unsuspecting residents in the run-up to Christmas. This year, they have extended their area of operations to include the inhabitants of New Eden.

So whether you have been naughty, nice or a bit of both, be sure to head over to www.eveonline.com/holiday2013 and find out what's in store.

On behalf of the team here at CCP, we wish you all a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.  Fly safe, and prepare for an epic 2014!

\ CCP Pokethulhu

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