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Hardware Deployment and Database Upgrade Completed

2007-08-08 - By Svarthol

Yesterday's hardware deployment and database management software update has been completed. The installation consisted of the following:

  • A pair of IBM X Series 3950 M2 with 2 x 3.5Ghz dualcore XEON processors and 64 Gb RAM,
  • A number of IBM Disk Array DS4800 with 64 Fiberchannel 15k rpm disks,
  • An additional Texas Memory Systems RAMSAN 400D with 128 Gb of solid state memory, and
  • Microsoft SQL to the Enterprise edition with Service Pack 2.

While issues did arise during the start-up process, the initial reports are showing an average of 20% less CPU utilization when compared against the old hardware.

Concerning the server restart soon after the hardware deployment, Microsoft is working closely with our IT team to finalized hardware and software settings for optimal performance. They were instrumental in determining the cause of the server failover and continue to assist with final fine tuning.

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