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Hardware upgrades, effect on patch date and patch changes

2004-05-31 - By CCP Oveur

Very good, very bad, nice and then some good news again.

Good first. Our new SQL servers have finally arrived and the additional SOL/Proxy servers are also ready to be added to the Tranquility cluster. This is scheduled to happen during 7th-11th june. This should effectively double our available capacity and hopefully do the same to performance.

Very bad part. This means the Castor patch deployment needs to be moved to the following week, 14th-17th since we don't patch on weekends, sure don't wan't to patch during hardware upgrades and always aim to patch on tuesday or wednesday.

Nice part is that the aggression and criminal flagging, missile changes, turret balancing and new NPC's will get further playtesting.

The good news is what is included in the upcoming patch.

  • Enhanced Criminal Flagging (Check it out on chaos)
  • Cloaking (There are differently pre-nerfed versions with different benefits and negatives)
  • Covert Op's frigates (and their special cloaking devices)
  • New Tech Level items 2 through research agents (Yes, that includes weapons since turret and missile balance is finished)
  • NPC Comanders with factional loot, appearing in all security zones
  • NPC Officers, named battleship pirates with named loot (Yeah, the ultra ones)
  • Industrial Operations, mining operations by factions in asteroid belts
  • New missile skills and modules (Damage modifiers)
  • Storyline Missions functionality (One mission available for each race, issued by your tutorial agent)
  • Smaller fixes and improvements (Like turret autoreload \o/ )

After this patch we will focus on Shiva, along with finish balancing more TL2 content such as Elites so we can add them to TQ.

As a sidenote on Shiva, I'm also finishing the Shiva Feature pages like I mentioned earlier, just considering if I should release them now, and add to them as we get more screens and final designs or wait some weeks more ... whatya think? :)