“Have fun together with your newbros” - calling the community | EVE Online

“Have fun together with your newbros” - calling the community

2016-05-06 - By CCP Phantom

EVE Online is 13 and with all the crazy celebrations going on, we ‘re seeing a huge influx of new players and veterans returning to EVE.

We would like to call the fantastic EVE community to reach out to our new pilots and show them how awesome EVE Online really is. We have lots of good resources available for new players, but it is YOU, the community, who really bring this undefinable spark of life to this universe and turn it into the crazy Sci-Fi universe that we all love and crave.

If you would like to harness the power of our new pilots, if you enjoy giving a helping hand, or if you just love to be around inspiring new people and get a fresh view of the universe, then don’t hesitate!

Sign up your event in this thread and reap the benefits!

Everyone that is newbie friendly is welcome; from well-organized alliances with lots of resources to a single, passionate person. After all, this is EVE, where even a single person matters and is able to change the course of the whole universe.