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Heathen Achievement Award Winners Announced

2011-05-08 - By Svarthol

Kasrasi, Derelik - On 27.04.113, capsuleer Kazzzi of Heathen Legion announced the winner of the Heathen Achievement Award as Bahamut420.

The competition received attention from Minmatar loyalists, especially followers of winner Bahamut420, who has since been stressing his efforts and achievements against the Amarr. Hans Jagerblitzen of Autocannons Anonymous explained: "No Minmatar warrior has spent more time covered in blood, sweat, and pod-goo than Bahamut420. He without a doubt deserves this award."

In an interview, Bahamut stated that although he didn't send in an entry himself, he was "honoured" to see so many of his friends and war targets voted for him and believes that the Heathen Achievement Award shows their enemies that they will "work together to defeat them".

He has received his prize, a Revelation class dreadnought and already jumped it into the warzone. He said: "All of my ships are used for battle. The Revelation will destroy things with fire." Lastly, he also mentioned that he would like to thank Kazzzi and Ushra'Khan for the "lovely" gift.

Capsuleer Vaari, an amarr loyalist who came in second, did not even know his name had been mentioned as a potential winner until he was contacted for an interview and made it clear that he had rejected the prize.

He also dismissed the initial purpose of the contest as heresy and explained that Kazzzi was merely attempting to divide the ranks of the "loyal Amarr even more than they are today". He went on to also say that Kazzzi had failed.

In closing, Vaari said: "Altough our loyalist ranks are a little divided, our Empire is a whole, and her majesty will keep our people safe. Whatever these abominations will do, it will fail. Every amarr loyalist will gladly give their lives to counter those hexers' threat."

Kazzzi explained what the competition was about: "This contest was no place for modesty. I wanted to hear bold statements backed up by heroic actions."

Kazzzi states that, in his opinion, Bahamut420 is one of the greatest enemies of the empire and that they made the right decision when choosing him as the winner. He also mentioned a new contest would "absolutely" be held again next year, if not sooner.

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Heathen Achievement Award Winners Announced

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