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Highly Dangerous Compound Believed Compromised, Massive Search Underway

2005-04-06 - By Svarthol

An investigation into the disappearance of noted pharmacologist Ullia Hnolku, who along with his wife disappeared from Zainou Biotech’s HQ in Isseras last month, has uncovered facts believed to pose a great threat to the biotech giant.

According to sources within the CEP Business Bureau, under whose authority the investigation was conducted, the pair are in possession of an experimental compound only recently developed in Zainou’s main laboratories. The compound, Insorzapine bisulfate, was previously believed to be a mild euphoric, but facts uncovered during the course of the investigation now seem to indicate something with far greater potential implications.

According to Special Counsel Tar Maurisi, head of the investigation, the drug is what’s known as a reactive mutagen inhibitor, a compound whose active chemical responds dynamically to mutagens in an organism’s body, limiting and eventually stifling their effectiveness completely. For certain diseased individuals, says Maurisi, this is revolutionary medicine: of more concern, however, is the fact that when given to a healthy organism the compound will attack natural DNA repair processes, causing a rapid chain reaction of cell suicide that within days leads to a cancerous death.

The Chief Executive Panel has ordered Ishukone Watch vessels to immediately cease and desist in all efforts to search for the missing scientists, and has handed executive authority in the matter to the Caldari Navy Operations Command, who as of yesterday afternoon have declared the two scientists Code-Five public hazards within Caldari-controlled space. Anyone with any information as to the pair’s location is asked to contact Caldari Navy Vice Admiral Natakko Saijimo as soon as possible.

More on this as it develops.