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Hours for PLEX

2011-03-10 - By GM Grimmi

Since PLEX were introduced in 2009, the reception has been way beyond our expectations and we keep seeing more and more people use and purchase PLEX every day.  We in Customer Support have had our work cut out for us due to a small unforeseen feature requirement for the PLEX system. Whenever an account's subscription ran out and the account went inactive, our players had no way of accessing their in-game PLEX to re-activate their subscription since the PLEX is an in-game item much like any other.  The reverse-redeeming system was invented to counter this problem, but has not proven to be the effective solution we had hoped for. Customers still had to contact us and we had GMs tied up with the continuous task of opening accounts to facilitate PLEX activation. Therefore we figured we needed a new system that would be easy on us, and more importantly, convenient for our customers.

Now we have: "Hours for PLEX"

"Hours for PLEX" is accessible through the account management pages and allows players, with disabled accounts, to activate their accounts for 4 hours. Once the account has been activated, the customer has 4 hours to add a PLEX, or another available subscription to his account. This option will then become available again once the account is disabled. Please note that if no subscription is added with a PLEX to the account during the 4 hours timeframe, the "Hours for PLEX" option will be deactivated for that account and can only be re-instated by a member of Customer Support. This is to make sure that it's used for the intended purpose only.

We hope you enjoy this new convenient feature.

 - GM Q