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Hyota Vasy sought for genetics crimes of the highest order

2005-06-07 - By Svarthol

The Star system of Akkio, a cul-de-sac system in the depths of low security Caldari owned space, earlier this week saw an above average amount of traffic, the events of which could end up having drastic repercussions.

Hyota Vasy, a sub-nanite communications engineer who made headlines in recent months after exposing a corrupt CONCORD official who was secretly leaking classified information to the Guristas pirates, led a group of mercenary pilots into Akkio on a mission. That mission was to get him into a station where intelligence had told him a meeting of several top Guristas officials was taking place.

The force he brought was more than adequate to dispatch the Guristas guards stationed just outside the meeting station and Hyota got in. What happened next though is nothing short of amazing.

Hyota, fearful for his life in this encounter had planned ahead and ordered an illegal clone. He planned to use this clone as a decoy should he need to sneak out. He did use the cloned body as a decoy but all attempts to stop him failed and he escaped. This means that there are now two copies of a singular individual somewhere in EVE, a crime of the highest magnitude which goes against almost every law conceived regarding the cloning technology.

The cloned version of Hyota Vasy turned himself in after the operation, which is how CONCORD staff got wind of the situation. People asking why he would essentially give himself up were answered be cloning experts, who said that his brain is out of date in comparison to his real body and so their mindsets can be completely different.

The original Hyota Vasy disappeared after this operation, meaning that he is now on the run and dearly sought after by CONCORD officials. If anyone sees him they are urged to contact CONCORD immediately. Speculation as to why he even considered trying to infiltrate the party is also rife, with many believing he was just trying to be a hero, whilst others think he has a score to settle after the Guristas forced him to go into hiding all those months ago.