IMPORTANT INFORMATION! Download on Demand! | EVE Online


2015-03-23 - By CCP Falcon

We are happy to announce that Download on Demand is coming to Tranquility tomorrow, March 24th 2015 with the Scylla release. 

With the arrival of the Download on Demand launcher and client, there are a lot of changes coming regarding how we get data to you so that you can play EVE.

For new players, or those who are installing a client on their machine for the first time the process is super simple. All you need to do is perform the initial installation and the client will pull down assets for EVE as and when you encounter them in game. This reduces entry time into the game to around 5-10 minutes in most cases.

However, for established players who already have installs, things are a little different. 


If you already have an EVE Online client installed, there'll be an additional one time step that needs to be performed when you're updating your client after tomorrow's release.

This involves allowing the launcher to prime the game's cache and prepare it for play, which will take anywhere between 5 minutes for those lucky enough to be running EVE from an SSD, to 30 minutes for those using a traditional mechanical hard disk.

It is extremely important that you do not use the repair tool for the initial update tomorrow, as this may cause issues. The repair tool can of course be used after the initial update.

Please also be aware that due to the nature of these changes, patching will not be available until Tranquility is back up and online after downtime.

Scylla will be released during normal downtime tomorrow, and you can check out additional information regarding the release at our new feature website, You can also find the full patch notes here.

For more information on download on demand you can see this Technical Help Center article.