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Important Information Regarding the Neural Remap Gift

2011-12-14 - By CCP Guard

Last year we gave away Neural Remaps as many of you remember. They worked out differently for different people and this time around we happily tossed them on the list of gift selections (perhaps without enough foresight some would say).

We got a lot of questions and quality feedback from the community in the last two days and quickly realized that expectations about the bonus Neural Remaps varied from reality amongst many members of our community, and that the remaps were likely to leave many dissapointed with a gift that was only meant to spread love and happiness and express gratitude to all of you who have supported us through thick and thin.

Yesterday we then made the decision to pull the Neural Remap gift choice from the Account Management website and huddle up to see if we could better meet expectations. I will tell you why, and how we did, but first I want to explain the mechanics in layman‘s terms.

This is the way Neural Remaps have thus far worked in the code:

  1. Neural Remaps can only be used 365 days apart from each other and a cooldown timer is in place to ensure this.
  2. Every time you use a Neural Remap, the timer is reset and the next Remap option is pushed 365 days into the future.

So how have BONUS Neural Remaps worked up until now?

  1. A bonus remap is essentially a permission to speed up your upcoming remap.
  2. It can be used any time you please, but it will reset your 365 day timer and is therefore  not of equal use to everyone, depending on where they are in their cooldown cycle.

Why did we decide to pull the Neural Remaps from the gift selection this time?

Because we‘ve learned that the expectations of many players are quite different from what the reality is. We wanted to see if we could implement a solution quickly, and re-instate the gift in a state where it meets those expectations better.

How did that work out?

We found a solution that we are able to implement in a reasonable timeframe and the Neural Remap gift choice is being re-instated today, Wednesday the 14th, at 16:00 UTC.

What is this solution?

We re-arranged the code a little and decoupled Bonus Remaps from the timed ones, so that when you use a Bonus Remap, it will not mess with your timer. Making it this way may sound elementary to some of you but bear in mind that the system wasn‘t originally designed with gifted remaps in mind so strange hacks were required to make them available in the first place. But we now have a better solution in place at least.

What does this mean for you when you use a Bonus Remap after this change?

You can be two weeks from your next remap or six months past it and still use your Bonus Remap to best suit your skill training plan without affecting your remap timer. Basically it gives you the flexibility of choice and planning that you would rightfully expect from owning an extra Bonus remap.

Last but not least we want to apologize for doing this after the selection site was opened to the public rather than before, as we should have, and we hope you enjoy your christmas gift whatever it may be.