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Important! Issue with sovereignty vulnerability timers

2015-07-15 - By CCP Falcon

An issue has been found that can cause sovereignty structures to immediately re-enter vulnerability after defenders win their capture event. The intended behavior in this situation would be for the structure to become secure until the beginning next day’s vulnerability period if the defenders win the capture event. There is a fix for this issue that will be deployed at downtime tomorrow, July 16th. This particular issue is unrelated to the extended downtime on July 15th.

Since some sovereignty structures will be exiting their reinforcement period before downtime tomorrow, we will be taking steps to ensure that this issue does not impact these particular structures. These actions will only be needed if the following criteria are all met:

  1. The defenders win the capture event at the end of the reinforcement period
  2. The defender victory takes place before downtime on July 16th
  3. After the capture event completes, attackers reinforce the structure again during the same daily vulnerability period that the capture event took place within

The structures that could potentially need intervention are:

  • The Station in B-DBYQ
  • The IHub in LXQ2-T
  • The TCU in 9-8GBA
  • The TCU in Q-HJ97
  • The IHub in KZFV-4
  • The TCU in N-CREL
  • The Station in BI0Y-X
  • The TCU in J-A5QD
  • The Station in H-MHWF
  • The IHub in VVO-R6
  • The TCU in XT-R36
  • The TCU in VVO-R6
  • The TCU in DY-F70
  • The TCU in OAQY-M
  • The Station in AZ3F-N
  • The TCU in 7X-02R
  • The TCU in MKD-O8
  • The TCU in 2I-520
  • The TCU in 5GQ-S9
  • The TCU in 4-43BW
  • The TCU in EOA-ZC
  • The TCU in E3OI-U
  • The Freeport in 38IA-E
  • The Station in LP1M-Q
  • The TCU in B-5UFY
  • The Station in TYB-69
  • The IHub in TYB-69
  • The TCU in FYD-TO
  • The TCU in 54-MF6
  • The Station in KZFV-4
  • The TCU in QSM-LM
  • The IHub in 71-UTX
  • The TCU in TYB-69
  • The TCU in H-MHWF

If any of these structures follow the sequence of events listed above completely, CCP will manually cancel the second reinforcement period for those structures and cause them to become secure until the next day’s vulnerability period.

We will not take any action if the attackers win the capture events for these structures, as in that case the mechanics will be working normally.