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Important Mac Client Patch News

2008-12-10 - By Svarthol

QA testing of the Mac client revealed an issue which would prevent automated patching of the Mac client. This issue has been resolved but it requires an update to the Cider engine of the Mac client. A patch to perform this update has been built and is live as of the posting of this news item. We would ask all Mac users to click ‘Yes' when prompted to update their Cider engine. Not doing this will require you to manually locate patch downloads and start the patch process for any client updates manually. The new Cider engine build also incorporates some fixes to textures and the object cache which should add to the performance improvements incorporated to the EVE Online client in Quantum Rise 1.0.3. Again, please click "Yes" when prompted to patch your Cider engine to the latest version.

Users of the Windows and Linux clients are not affected by this patch.