In Celebration Of CSM X! | EVE Online

In Celebration Of CSM X!

2015-02-18 - By CCP Leeloo

Hello capsuleers!

Welcome to another exciting blog regarding the upcoming Council of Stellar Management elections! 

Today we will be looking at the voting process and schedule.


  • List of approved candidates will be available on February 23rd, 2015.
  • Voting opens on 25th of February, 2015 and closes on March 10th, 2015.
  • Results are announced during the EVE Keynote at Fanfest 2015. If you aren’t going you can tune in at

Voting process:

  • This year we will be using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system again.
  • The minimum account age for voters is 30 days.
  • Only active accounts are eligible to vote.
  • Each account can vote only once. Submitted votes cannot be revoked or edited.
  • Each voter can pick up to 14 candidates. To vote you simply need to drag-and-drop your preferred candidates and submit your vote as show in the images below.

So you’re asking yourself “Why should I care?”...

The CSM is a key part of the interaction between players of EVE Online and the EVE development team.

The delegates that YOU choose in this election will be attending two multiple day summits here at CCP headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland, and will have open and direct access to the developers and work to improve and expand EVE Online throughout the year alongside the EVE Development team.

This means that your votes count and can be the deciding factor in which feature proposals, concerns, ideas and feedback items are brought to the development team for action.

Voting in the CSM elections allows you to select the candidate that best suits your playstyle and helps ensure that you get the best representation possible during communications with CCP.

Like any good political election, the candidates are varied and represent the wide spectrum of interests that EVE players have, so you should be able to find several that mirror your own EVE experiences.

Now, surprise!

We’ve prepared a couple of gifts to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the CSM elections!

Firstly, meet the Council Diplomatic Shuttle, a decommissioned, disarmed Pacifier-class CONCORD frigate this is now used as armored diplomatic transport. Every active account in EVE will be able to claim this, providing that it is active on the day that voting starts, which is February 25th.

Those who claim this gift will receive 10 run BPC (blue print copy) for this ship in their Redeeming system, so that they can build 10 of the hulls in celebration of the election of the 10th CSM.

For those who are interested, here are the shuttle’s statistics:

And what devblog would be complete without some shiny pictures?

Every account that votes in CSM X election will also receive 10 collectible trinkets – one for each council – which will contain a list of all council members who served during that term.  Just a little keepsake for your fond memories of every single CSM member who has served on the council over the years. These will be delivered at a later release.

Lastly, I would like to wish good luck to all CSM X candidates, and would like to thank every council member who has served over the last 9 terms for their hard work and dedication.