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Incompetent courier may have blown secret pirate operation

2005-04-26 - By Svarthol

The system of Scolluzer, like many others in EVE is a hive of activity, where thousands of pilots make deals they hope will bring them riches. Tonight it played host to a different and altogether more suspicious deal which was, rather oddly, discussed over the local communications net.

Roni Rylly, an old pilot with a less than impressive resume was waiting to meet a courier who was somewhat more than late. A second pilot, Emilio Ostaban offered to use a location agent to find the missing courier.

It was a long time before the courier, named Freaks Slanderous appeared. He expressed his apologies for being late and handed over the package. While this might seem like an ordinary occurrence, Freaks loose tongue is what elevates this incident from the benign to the serious. He mentioned that the name of the person who sent the package was one Lord Mordekai or Lucius Mordekai. Mordekai is well known for his illegal actions within medium and low security space, as well as his confrontations with various bodies and arms of major corporations, some freelancers often falling prey to his sick and unmerciful games of cat and mouse. Mordekai is wanted by many authorities across the universe.

Both Emilio and Roni were quick to escape after Freaks let loose that information, leaving him alone in the system. Freaks undocked shortly after both Emilio and Roni had left sounding desperate and panicked as observers of this deal had amassed an interest when the informations about Mordekai was revealed.

Freaks however, despite his panicked state, managed to outfox more than fifty ships following him by leading them all towards the wrong gate. Once they were all there waiting for him, he left by another stargate into the Alentene system. By the time the pilots realised their error, he was gone.

Scolluzer is a 0.8 security system, way above the level that Mordekai is known to operate him. Officials are urging for people to be on the lookout for strange activity, and are advised not to approach any of the 3 individuals present in Scolluzer that night.