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‘Inconclusive’ Spacelane Patrol Report Incites Wide Criticism

2009-10-12 - By Svarthol

Muvolailen - Spacelane Patrol, the security arm of the CBD Corporation, has published the results of its  investigation into the Kaunokka incident, an explosion which took the lives of 25 workers last month. Although the report claims to have uncovered a number of irregularities related to DCMI safety regulations, worker conduct and equipment maintenance, the outcome is inconclusive at best.

"Investigation of the safety procedures at the Kaunokka III-1 strip mine belonging to Deep Core Mining Inc. has revealed numerous breaches of established protocol; however, there also were at least ten recorded cases of worker misconduct, any of which could have led to the incident," the report says.

"Additionally, most equipment was commissioned a long time ago and is in remarkably poor condition. The incident could have happened due to any combination of these factors, not excluding the possibility of industrial sabotage. Sadly, we have to point out the facility management's unwillingness to cooperate, which may also have had an impact on the proceedings."

"It is a pitiful excuse for an investigation," said Reita Wotimi, a representative of the DCMI miners in Kaunokka. "What it basically says is that our coworkers could have died for any reason, while clearly someone out there is responsible for this horrible incident."

Kauri Mulvolen, an analyst for Caldari Funds Unlimited, stated he thinks the investigation did more harm than good. "The vague and, frankly speaking, meaningless report underlines some deep management problems at DCMI.  While some may argue that the incident in question was blown way out of proportion, the corporation could - and should - have handled it itself. Involvement of Spacelane Patrol brought it into national spotlight, and now they basically admit they don't know what happened. It is not a good sign for any investor."