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Incursions Offer Lucrative Salvaging Opportunities

2011-07-18 - By Svarthol

The recent Sansha Incursions around New Eden have been met by overwhelming capsuleer fleets. The corollary to such large fleet engagements is the occasional loss of ships, this has given rise to 3rd party looting and salvage operations.

One of these pilots, who prefers to remain anonymous, was observed during the battle of Altrinur. When speaking to him, he was very confident that given proper piloting skills, “correctly manoeuvring [through a large fleet battle] is not dangerous at all".

He went on to reveal that he believed there was the possibility of retribution and war declarations, "but the fun and the income is worth it". He was reluctant to provide further information, fearful that should others "learn about [this], the harder it will be to earn a good buck".

Deterro, a pilot who has actively fought in multiple Incursions, revealed his "disgust" for pilots who would rather focus on profiting than actually helping out: "My stance against looting, or salvaging if you prefer, is that it should not be practised unless the loot is to be returned for no cost to the victim-pilot, should he be a member of the fleet.”

Salvage and loot income may be lucrative, however it may be so only because many pilots find the act deplorable. These Incursion fighting organisations already operate a group insurance plan to help defray the cost to pilots who lose ships. Some capsuleers believe it may be only a matter of time until they begin to deal with these salvagers as well.

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