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Infamous Corporation Arcane Technologies Closes Its Doors

2006-04-05 - By Svarthol

Shocking news from GalNet this week; Arcane Technologies closes its doors. N00b Scriptor, ATUK CEO, announced that the corporation would be disbanded. In the light of recent achievements, the move did not only surprise outsiders as well as allies, it came as a complete surprise to the pilots of ATUK itself.

N00b script0r and his fellow directors took a moment of their time to both reminisce on the corporation’s achievements and to explain the recent decision.

Arcane Technologies started as an industrial corporation under the name “New Birmingham Technologies” Because its members weren’t suited for the industrial lifestyle, according to Mr. script0r, the Arcane Technologies corporation was formed. The new corporation quickly moved to Syndicate, in order to fight the then-infamous m0o corporation, alongside Oberon Inc. and the British Space Corporation. Later on, it joined the Curse Alliance, now defunct, with whom they would later go to war with. Curses downfall would later come "out of the blue", according to n00b script0r.

In its quest for power, the corporation is known to have visited practically every region in the cluster. It participated in many of the wars that shaped the history of the outer deep-space regions. It defended Delve, a region Techell Corp had bought from the m0o corporation, and helped assault the Fountain region countless times, helping their closest friends, the Band of brothers alliance, during the Great Northern War.

One of the more recent developments in the corporation's colourful history, the forming of The Five alliance came after ATUK's participation in the destruction of the Curse Alliance. It marked the southern regions before moving North again, by starting a war with the XETIC Federation, which resulted in the death of a former ally. The Ascendant Frontier alliance took their place. After a retreat from a war with the Red Alliance, several Northern Alliances like Phoenix Alliance and NBSI declared war and these were made mutual.

In short, to echo Pyrotesea, ATUK Director, Arcane Technologies have always sought to make an impact on the universe.

An effort that was not limited to lawless space but also impacted the Empires themselves, with their involvement in the Crielere experiment, or their alignment with the Serpentis Corporation when the Molyneux, one of the Gallentean Titans, was stolen.

By closing down, then, it seems they will impact the political landscape once more. Allies as well as enemies have expressed their concern regarding the future actions and manoeuvres of The Five alliance who are losing a powerful cog in their organisation. The Five itself, after reaction with astonishment, are now discussing the issue internally and are considering their options. Whether the alliance will retain its name, or its place in the world, is one of the items on their agenda. Although member corporations of The Five don't yet know if they will be remaining in the alliance, they have all sworn their continuing commitment toward the territories they control.

ATUK members themselves are, understandable "sad, as anyone would be," to quote Manira, ATUK member. In light of ATUK's achievements, they understand their CEO's decision "go out while on top and let ATUK's story become a legend; preserving all the time spent by the members in the corporation."

A new opportunity has already presented itself as most of the ATUK Directorate is involved with the launch of a new corporation, Destructive Influence. They will welcome all former ATUK members into this new venture, an offer that was accepted by most, if not all of them.

Destructive Influence will be flying under the banner of the Band of Brothers, ending an era with the start of perhaps a new one.