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Inferno 1.1 Changes To the War Dec System

2012-06-13 - By CCP SoniClover

Hi there capsuleers. I’m SoniClover from Team Super Friends, here to bring you the highlights of what the team has been working on for Inferno 1.1. Without further ado, let’s hop to it:

The Bi-Weekly Attention Span

Ally contracts will now have a fixed length of two weeks. It is of course possible to ally again after the two weeks, but there is no recur automatically option in, so you will have to go through the motion of offering to ally every two weeks. Important note:  When Inferno 1.1 goes live, all existing ally contracts will get a two week timer (i.e. they will end two weeks after Inferno 1.1 goes live).

Lets Step Outside and Settle This Like Men

Allies can now no longer be part of mutual wars – mutual wars are now strictly mano-a-mano. This means that when a war is set to mutual, all existing ally contracts are set to end (i.e. their two week timer is adjusted to end immediately), with the usual 24 hour grace period. Furthermore, no new ally contracts can be accepted.

Money For Nothing

There is a cost now associated with hiring lots of allies. You are still free to hire as many allies as you want, but there is an increasing cost in doing so. Refer to this:

  • Ally #1 – Free!
  • Ally #2 – 10 million
  • Ally #3 – 20 million
  • Ally #4 – 40 million
  • Ally #5 – 80 million
  • and so on…

Note that this fee is for hiring an ally for a two week period, as per the contract length change mentioned above.

You Can Bribe Me, But Not Too Much

There is now a cap on how much the number of members in the defender corp/alliance can affect the war declaration cost. The cap is 500 million. Note that this is not a cap on total cost of war – the multiplier for the number of wars you have declared still applies.

Push the Button

We prettified the UI a bit in the war list, making it easier to select what you want to do there. We use a brand-new utility menu and it looks like this (list populated based on your roles, of course):

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Lastly, there is a new skill out there, called Armor Resistance Phasing. It reduces the cycle time of Reactive Armor Hardeners (or, well, the one that currently exists) by 10% per level. This skill costs ca. 600k, has a skill rank of 5 and is sold wherever good skill books are sold (i.e. the usual places).

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