Inside the War Room | EVE Online

Inside the War Room

2008-06-20 - By Svarthol

We've got four new developer interviews hot off the green screen and hosted on our Empyrean Age features page. The famous and infamous Nathan 'Oveur' Richardsson, Executive Producer for EVE, discusses the origins of EVE and why war had to come to New Eden. Noah 'Hammer' Ward fights against himself to narrow down his favorite features in Empyrean Age and talks a bit about war's effect on player run corporations. Tony 't0nyG' Gonzales, Lead Writer, reveals more about the EVE: The Empyrean Age novel and toys with the idea of writing a sequel. Matthew 'Greyscale' Woodward, Game Designer, tells us more about the new Factional Warfare missions and how they change the PvE spacescape in EVE.