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Interstellar Services Department Volunteer of the Year, 2006

2006-09-28 - By kieron

It is hard to believe a year has passed since my last blog about a Volunteer of the Year. Certainly a lot has happened in ISD since then, ISD has almost doubled in staff, the Interstellar Correspondents team split off from Aurora, a number of volunteers have left ISD and joined the CCP Team as interns, GMs and Devs, and much more.

As much as some things change, some things remain the same. EVE's community continues to grow and some of that success is in no small part due to the efforts of the ISD teams. They are on the front lines, whether it be forum or chat moderation, reporting the news, running events or bashing bugs.

When the FanFest for 2005 was announced, Oveur and I decided to recognize a Volunteer of the Year, something we are going to continue as a yearly event. Deciding on last year's recipient was a tough choice, this year was just as tough even with Wrangler's input. All of the volunteers bring something to ISD and are special in their own way.

ISD currently stands at about 250 volunteers across the 5 teams. Wrangler and I asked the team leads for their VotY finalists, then we deliberated. E-mails were exchanged, IRC convos were held, and finally, we were down to 2 finalists. We made a decision and forwarded it to Oveur for his approval.

The 4 runners-up will each receive 75 credits in the EVE Store as well as a signed and stamped piece of EVE Online Concept art. They are:

  • Sabaoth, Aurora
  • Zelum, Bug Hunters
  • Meinir, Interstellar Correspondents
  • Zhainius, STAR

ISD's Volunteer of the Year has been with the forum moderation team since January, 2005. He has progressed through the ranks, and was promoted to Captain earlier this year. His duties consist of leading his team of moderators, ensuring his team's forum channels are well moderated, participating in forum change and improvement discussions, corresponding with the community via e-mail and helping the CRC Vice Admiral manage the moderation team. He has gone above and beyond to carry out his duties and performed well beyond our expectations.

The Interstellar Services Department Volunteer of the Year, 2006 is

**Jacques Archambault** of the CRC Team

In recognition of his efforts, he will enjoy a 3 night FanFest package from CCP Games and an autographed piece of EVE Online concept art.

Congratulations to Jacques, Sabaoth, Meinir, Zelum and Zhainius! Thanks to all of ISD for their time and efforts!