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Into The Second Decade - A guest blog by Zapatero

2013-05-18 - By CCP Falcon

Can we have your stuff? (for a book*)

If you were watching the "CCP Presents" keynote at Fanfest this year you'll recall a slightly bulbous English fellow bumbling on about some book or other. Well that fellow was me, Richie Shoemaker (aka Zapatero, ex-EON), and the book I was bumbling on about was "Into The Second Decade*", one of many delights going into the Collector’s Edition box set that will hopefully be taking pride of place on your gaming shelf come October.

Just to recap, the book aims to tell the development history of the EVE universe; not just the making of EVE Online and DUST 514, but the influence of the players in shaping New Eden and the community that has served it. A significant part of the book we’re planning is a chapter, tentatively called "This Is New Eden", in which we hope to show just how vastly creative and important the New Eden player base is, so that when you flick through the glossy pages in 2023 as EVE enters its third decade, your brain will be awash with glorious memories that might otherwise have been lost (on account of the ravages of middle age).

You can contribute to this time capsule-publishing endeavour in one or both of two ways: by submitting words and/or sending in some lovely pictures.

The words are easy. We want to compile your predictions for the EVE universe during the second decade. You can second guess gameplay changes, lore developments, advances in technology that might impact the game or the community, and you can be a bleak or as upbeat as you see fit. Don’t go writing sweeping essays though, 30 words on a matter of your choosing will suffice.

As for the pictures, you may need to do a bit of digging around on an old hard drive or the internet, but here’s the kind of thing we’re after:

  • Pictures of important in-game events from the last 10 years, such as fleet fights, either as screenshots or grabbed from hi-res video footage.
  • Pictures from current and old websites and apps, such as skill trainers, killboards, ship-fits, blogs, etc.
  • Ads, motivational and propaganda posters and other bits of eye candy from ages past.
  • Pictures from tournaments and other in-game sporting events.
  • Fanfest photos from over the years
  • Photos from player or corp meets (inc. player weddings) you may have attended.
  • Anything else that doesn't quite fit into any of the above not-quite categories, such as EVE cakes, etc.

When you’ve assembled your words, pictures and/or links, simply email them to before Saturday, 1st June. I will then sift through everything and pick out the best stuff for inclusion. Don’t worry about copyright and all that gubbins for the time being. I will ask permission from the necessary parties if and when necessary once all the required assets are assembled. So if you recall something from long ago that someone else who no longer plays EVE created, remind me about it and we’ll see what we can do about getting it in.

Alas we can't offer payment for your contributions, but you name will forever be noted in the annals of EVE history, likely on the same page as Brendan Drain (Massively), Alex Gianturco (The Mittani), Michael Lastucka (Warp Drive Active), Jim Rossignol (Rock Paper Shotgun), Bryan Ward (Eveoganda), Mat Westhorpe (Freebooted) and Robert Woodhead (CSM) - in other words some of the brightest and best commentators ever to devote themselves to understanding EVE. Exalted company, indeed. Oh, and some guy called Richie Shoemaker.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. I look forward to getting as many of your thoughts and memories into the book as possible so that the story of the EVE universe can be told in as full a way as possible.

  • Richie "Zapatero" Shoemaker

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