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Introducing the HyperNet Relay

2019-11-27 - By EVE Development Team

Entrepreneurial capsuleers,

Today there is great excitement in introducing an entertaining new trade network coming to EVE Online called the HyperNet Relay, available for you to try out on the Singularity test server right now. As with Shareable Bookmarks – a highly requested feature that has now been delivered – the HyperNet Relay aims to answer frequent requests for the return of raffle activities that were once hugely popular in the EVE community.

The HyperNet Relay is an enjoyable new method of selling items where almost anything can be traded at any time, from anywhere, and by anyone.

How Does HyperNet Work?

The process begins by buying HyperCores from the New Eden Store or from the regional market, and the amount required is based on the total value of what the player wants to offer on the HyperNet Relay. The item being offered for trade must be a single item (no stacks) and be located in a normal station (not a structure).

Any item being sold will be represented as a HyperNet Offer. These offers contain a series of HyperNodes that can be purchased individually or in bulk. The player will then set the number of corresponding HyperNodes that will be made available to interested parties and a price per HyperNode.

Once all the HyperNodes have been sold for any given offer, everyone will see which single HyperNode is selected at random and who subsequently receives the item. Even the purchase of HyperNodes will be visible to those viewing the HyperNet Relay, creating a social experience that occurs in real time. Any item that a player claims will be placed in their item hangar in the location where the offer was created, to be picked up at any time.

Increasing Trade Velocity

As with similar activities from the past, HyperNet Relay will stimulate the economy of New Eden by increasing the trade velocity of items and thus the redistribution of assets. Items such as unique ships, Officer modules and more will now be able to move through the economy more often, giving more players a chance to own them. In addition, items which are untradeable on the regional market, such as Abyssal modules, corpses, and BPCs, will be tradeable on the HyperNet Relay.

The Bottom Line

Player agency and the free exchange of items are at the core of EVE’s market, which itself is the beating heart of New Eden. The HyperNet Relay is just one more avenue in which players can exercise their freedom in trade, while engaging in an entertaining and social activity at the same time. The potential increase in access to coveted items for players through asset redistribution is also a very exciting prospect! Hopefully, with this functionality being regularly requested by pilots, its delivery and use will bring the thrills, the spills, and ultimately, the spoils.

HyperNet Relay is available on the Singularity test server today and will be officially launched on 10 December with the Free Market Release.

Please visit the official thread on EVE Online forums to share your thoughts and provide feedback back to the development team.