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Invasion Tournament Series Online Qualifiers

2019-11-20 - By CCP Dopamine

Greetings PvPers,

Over 150 teams from all over the world signed up for the Invasion Tournaments this year. Now, after countless nail-biting fights, we have seven teams that are ready to compete in the Invasion Global Finals at Fanfest 2020.

As announced at EVE Vegas last month the eighth team that will complete the bracket is going to come from December’s 2vs2 online qualifiers. Since the tournament is open to everyone who has not won any of the previous events, we expect to see some familiar faces trying to secure their trip to Fanfest 2020 one last time.

The format will be kept almost identical to all the Invasion Tournaments but feature a little twist: instead of asking players to fit the ships for the Grand Finals we are going to prepare a completely different set of fits that will be revealed to the players after the second semi-final is concluded! With only a few minutes at their disposal, the players will need to think fast to determine which combination of ships can give them the necessary advantage to win. You can read the full ruleset here.


I am pleased to share the sign-up page for the online qualifier will be opened tomorrow at 15:00 UTC and players interested in taking part will be able to submit their team information by following this link. Please keep in mind that this time around we don’t accept individual sign-ups, so make sure to find your wingman before you fill out the form!


The online qualifiers will take place over the course of two weekends in December and feature a 32 team bracket. In addition, the semis and Grand Finals will be delivered to you live on Twitch thanks to our friends from EVE_NT. You can find all the important dates below:

  • November 21 at 15:00 UTC – sign up opens
  • December 3 at 23:59 UTC – sign up closes
  • December 4 – bracket and ship fittings reveal
  • December 7 at 16:00 UTC – the first set of matches
  • December 8 at 16:00 UTC – all remaining matches up to the semi-finals
  • December 15 at 16:00 UTC – Semis and Grand Finals

Lastly, we will be providing each participant with individual account logins for Thunderdome and details about the Discord server used for tournament communication immediately after the bracket is revealed.

If you have any additional questions about this tournament, please head over to the official EVE Online forums.