Is that a ship in your hangar or are you just happy to see me again? | EVE Online

Is that a ship in your hangar or are you just happy to see me again?

2011-10-14 - By CCP Aporia

We just wanted to let you know that since we had ship spinning ready and tested, we decided to get it out early. It will be on TQ on October 18th, and should hit Singularity on October 14th so that you can give it a last bit of testing to see if we missed anything critical.

Here is a short overview of what it does:

- Old hangar view returns, with all of it's usability, such as dragging ships into the hangar to activate them.
- Captain‘s Quarters are now optional, but they will still be the default view for new players.
- When you dock, the client will remember whether you were using CQ or the hangar view and return you to your environment of choice.
- When you disable station environments then you will no longer see "The door". Instead you will be docking into the hangar view, and cannot go into your Captain's Quarters.
- CQ environments will not be loaded at all if you select the hanger view, which means way less RAM use for those starved of RAM as well as less load on your graphics card. So running multiple clients should be more viable again.

Spin safely! 

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