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Ishukone Negotiates Terms With Federation Regulators

2010-04-12 - By Svarthol

Algogille - Trade negotiators from Ishukone Corporation arrived in Algogille today, where they plan to meet with Federal Administration representatives in order to discuss a relaxation of Federation restrictions put in place shortly after the invasion of Caldari Prime. According to Ishukone, the corporation was invited to meet with the Federal Administration by the president's office last month.

While President Roden has taken a hard line against the Caldari occupation of Caldari Prime, he has made some indications since his election that he would be open to a reconcilation with Caldari business interests, in contrast to his predecessor. This stance has caused some concern among hawks in the Senate, but the reluctance of most Caldari interests to open negotiations with the Federation has seemingly made the point moot until now.

Ishukone's move has caused a wide range of reactions on both sides of the border. According to highly placed sources at the Caldari Providence Directorate, both Executor Tibus Heth and Provist director Suvasemi Aikinen were furious at the news, while the Federal Defense Union released a statement calling any relaxation of the Foiritan administration restrictions "inadvisable" and "a significant threat to national security." Meanwhile, the Federal Chamber of Commerce released a statement saying that a more welcoming business environment in the Federation would "be beneficial to both consumers and the Federation." In the State, several other megacorporations are said to be watching the results of Ishukone's negotiations carefully in order to determine whether they will follow suit.

Negotiations are expected to take several weeks, and both Ishukone and the Federal Administration are playing down the summit, saying that these talks are the opening step of a longer negotiating process. Both parties, however, emphasized that they are optimistic about the results.