2008-05-16 - By Svarthol

Malkalen – The Ishukone Corporation released a statement in which they confirmed that CEO Otro Gariushi was killed during the attack on its headquarters station in Malkalen. Also killed were Federation Economic Minister Wadis Chene and the entire Gallentean delegation. Although Chief Financial Officer Kinachi Hepimeki was declared the acting CEO, she has not been seen since the tragedy occurred. The statement recounts the sequence of events leading up to the catastrophe.

The transcript is available here:

“The Federation delegation arrived at Ishukone headquarters station shortly after 11:00 Local without incident. As per harbor control instructions, the Nyx and her escorts took position approximately 25 kilometers off-port from the main station hangar. To this point, all Federation ships followed the pre-arranged flight plan and complied with all border transit agreements issued by the Navy. At approximately 11:46 Local, Ishukone Watch and Caldari Navy escorts reported an unscheduled aspect change on the Nyx followed a sudden increase in speed. When the final course correction vector aligned with the station, we attempted to hail the Nyx pilot, which we know for certain was Admiral Alexander Noir. No response was received.

“At 11:48 local, a general evacuation order was issued directly by Otro Gariushi, and intercept orders were issued by the Watch. Numerous attempts to hail Admiral Noir went unanswered before he made his parting statements on the local channel. We estimate that between twenty and twenty-five thousand civilian and military personnel were evacuated from the station before impact, which we registered at exactly 11:52 local.

“We have ceased all search and rescue efforts. Recovery operations will continue for as long as it takes to bring closure to loved ones as best as we can. We have approximately 5,000 survivors in our custody, all of which remain in serious condition at Ishukone medical facilities. The death toll currently stands at 421,000, with at least that many more missing. Of the confirmed deaths, most were permanent station residents. Ship crews on shore rotation make up the bulk of those who remain unaccounted for.

“Otro Gariushi is dead. His clones were located in this station. Chief Financial Officer Kinachi Hepimeki is the acting CEO until the Board of Directors hold elections for an official replacement.

“We simply do not have the words to describe this tragedy. We will do everything we can for the families of victims, and we sincerely thank those capsuleers who have been donating to the relief effort.”