ISK Seller Syndicate Terminated | EVE Online

ISK Seller Syndicate Terminated

2005-06-24 - By Svarthol

Today, the EVE GM team moved against the single biggest ISK selling operation uncovered since the launch of EVE Online, quite simply a virtual crime syndicate, dealing in vast sums of ISK. Over 80 accounts were involved, all active sellers and providers of ISK and all were permanently banned from our server.

We'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that online sales of ingame items are a EULA violation, one that carries with it an instant and permanent ban. Anyone thinking of using Ebay or other online auction sites to sell items or accounts for real currency would do well to consider that although we may not catch everyone all the time, we still catch and ban ebayers every day. Sellers risk losing their accounts and their prepaid subscription fees, not to mention feeling like there's a GM looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.

EULA, section 7B:

"You may not transfer, sell or auction, or buy or accept any offer to transfer, sell or auction (or offer to do any of the foregoing), any content appearing within the Game environment, including without limitation characters, character attributes, items, currency, and objects, other than via a permitted Character Transfer as described in section 3 above. You may not encourage or induce any other person to participate in such a prohibited transaction. The buying, selling or auctioning (or any attempt at doing so) of characters, character attributes, items, currency, or objects, whether through online auctions (such as ebay), newsgroups, postings on message boards or any other means is prohibited by the EULA and a violation of CCP's proprietary rights in the Game."