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Jarek's 'Salvation Crusade' to Cross into Minmatar Space

2009-02-10 - By Svarthol

Tuomuta, The Bleak Lands – Cleric Abel Jarek's 'Salvation Crusade' is to cross the border into Minmatar space via the Bleak Lands in the next few days, it was announced yesterday. A cleric in the Salvation Church of Blessed Servitude, Abel Jarek has let it be known he intends to claim right of return and citizenship in the Minmatar Republic in order to preach the Amarrian faith there.

Since announcing his intention to lead a "Salvation Crusade from Amarr to Pator" several days ago, Abel Jarek has made a short circuit of key systems in the Throne Worlds and neighbouring regions, stopping many times to preach and pick up 'crusaders' – emancipated slaves pledged to follow Jarek to Pator – before making his way to the Bleak Lands. A small contingent of House Sarum security vessels have accompanied the growing fleet of transports on their journey through the Amarr Empire.

The Salvation Church's fleet of transports and escort vessels is now laid over at the Ducia Foundry station in Tuomuta system, taking on supplies before embarking on the last leg of its journey through the Amarr Empire. It is thought unlikely that House Sarum ships will escort the Salvation Crusade vessels through low-security systems on the Republic side of the border as this may be interpreted by CONCORD as a breach of the Emergency Militia War Powers Act governing the current conflict between the Empire and Republic.

Questioned as to the dangers of travelling unescorted, Abel Jarek replied, "God will provide for the faithful in this as He has done in all other things."