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Join The Caldari Navy Manhunt!

2014-04-12 - By CCP Eterne

We're happy to announce that from April 13 to 19, capsuleers will have the opportunity to participate in the Caldari Navy Manhunt. If you've been following the recent game world news, you'll know that the remains of the Provists, the fanatic secret police of deposed Caldari dictator Tibus Heth, participated in an attack on the Caldari Navy and stole several capital ships, including a Wyvern. In response, the Caldari Navy has placed PLEX bounties on the leaders of the heist.

Each day over the course of the week, players will have the opportunity to hunt down the Provists and kill them to claim parts of the bounties. The events will be held in both low-sec and high-sec systems in Caldari space. There will be multiple ways to claim the bounties, so even if you can only bring a frigate to the event, you'll still get a shot at earning a reward.

Please see this thread for further details on how you can take part.