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Kuvakei negotiates plea bargain

2007-09-01 - By Svarthol

LUMINAIRE: The decision to release Vorada Kuvakei has left many Federation citizens questioning the direction of the Supreme Court.

More questions than answers have been generated, especially surrounding the role of Illoren in the recent Rise debacle.

“We have decided not to prosecute Vorada Kuvakei and his Illoren associates after the lawyers representing him entered a plea bargain,” stated a press release from the offices of the attorney general.

“In return for their expulsion from Federation territory, and a fifty year gag order on matters relating to their role in the recent operations to destroy a smuggling ring in Placid, they are being released with no charges.

“We would like to stress, however, that this is not an indication that they are innocent of the charges that they were originally arrested for,” added the statement.

When we tried to contact Kuvakei to ask his viewpoint, his lawyers indicated that they had nothing further to add to the official Federation report.

The trial for the leader of the Serpentis group known as Cobra Squadron, Commodore Sylvaine Ouvrard, is scheduled to begin early next year. She is charged with Trafficking of a Controlled Item, Working for an Illegal Organisation, and Murder. Typically, the Serpentis Corporation declined to comment.