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Lai Dai Announces Black Rise Development Conference

2009-10-31 - By Svarthol

Kinakka - As another step towards the settlement and development of Black Rise - the region of space unveiled by the Caldari State just over a year ago - the Lai Dai Corporation has announced that it will be hosting a scientific conference in the Kinakka system. 

The Black Rise Development Conference will open its doors in two weeks, with representatives from numerous corporations attending the station to display technological advances and participate in talks and Q&A sessions. Among those invited are the Wiyrkomi and Kaalakiota Corporations, both expected to hold displays of new planetary settlement equipment. Also expected to host displays are Ytiri, Top-Down, Propel Dynamics, Zero-G Research Firm and others.

"Some have called it a last-minute announcement," said Haalonen Ihoya, Chief Coordinator of the Lai Dai Corporation. "But in reality we have been planning this conference for some time. It was only lately that we deemed the situation in the region calm enough to open the doors to the public."

Several thousand public passes have reportedly been given to employees of the involved corporations. With so many flocking to a single station in low-security space, the question of security has been raised. "We look very seriously on matters of security, and we have made certain that several units of the Lai Dai Protection Service are available to ensure the safety of everyone on our station," Ihoya says.

In a press release, Lai Dai calls the conference a way to show that the Black Rise region will be an "opportunity for great return on investment", and to entice the settlement of the worlds of Black Rise by enterprising individuals.