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Lai Dai outbids Ishukone in NMA partnership; ORE deal?

2006-06-19 - By Svarthol

DERELIK/LONETREK. The Nefantar Miner Association closed an exclusive multi-billion Isk deal with the Lai Dai Corporation, who outbid Caldari rival Ishukone in the last round of negotiations.

"This deal signals yet another step forward for our company," said Adarlur Annuger, CEO of the NMA, "and shows the benefits of inter-empire trade and investment for all parts involved." With megacyte and zydrine demand up by 5.77% in the State during last quarter, "securing cost and supply will allow Lai Dai reach this year's target quota at the forecasted production cost", said Aivira Ogimo, Lai Dai Production Manager.

After two months of negotiations, the Lai Dai Corporation managed to outbid Ducia Foundry, the Minmatar Mining Corporation, and Ishukone Corporation for the supply of megacyte and zydrine at near-cost prices. The terms of the deal included the transfer of Lai Dai technology to the Nefantar Miner Association "for civil use only", said Haalonen Ihoya, Public Relations Chief Coordinator for Lai Dai.

Although executives of the other corporations declined to comment on the outcome of the deal, rumours flying around the Mercantile Club are pointing to Ishukone turning now to ORE for their needed supply of minerals. During the negotiations with the NMA, Ishukone's CFO Kinachi Hepimeki admitted that "ORE's prices per cubic meter are indeed better (than the Ammatar's), but transport costs from the Outer Ring and the associated risks are considerably higher."