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Launch to the Future

2024-02-05 - By EVE Online Team
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Trailblazing capsuleers,

The new launcher for EVE Online will permanently replace the old one starting on 7 February. This is a crucial move forward in the effort to deepen immersion and streamline the journey into New Eden.

Customize Your Launch

You will now get into space faster, as you choose your character right there in the new launcher. The new launcher sports a sleek and modern look, easier navigation, automatic updates, and improvements to security and performance. In addition, capsuleers now have brand new methods of personalization, including the ability to customize the way they select and launch a character, account, or groups of characters simultaneously.

What to expect

When you first open the EVE launcher after the rollout on 7 February you will get prompted to update, and as you opt in the process will start. Should you choose to wait, the new version will automatically be installed the next time you open the launcher. All your user accounts and settings will be migrated into the new version automatically, and any unnecessary files related to the old launcher will be removed from your system. Any known EVE system shortcuts will be added to the new browser, as well as a shortcut to EVE Vanguard, the in-development FPS module for EVE Online.


You’ll find all the details about the new launcher on the EVE Support website but here are some of the most common questions about the new launcher:

Can I go back to the old launcher?

  • The rollout on 7 February is permanent, and the old launcher will be deprecated. Rest assured, however, that the new one does everything the old one did, and more.

The old launcher left behind some files on my system. How do I get rid of them?

  • The old launcher leaves behind some important files and registry keys. Removing those may have adverse effects, and possibly require reinstalling EVE. Additional cleanup will be performed in a future update.

The update failed and nothing starts right now.

  • In the unlikely event of this happening, download and install a copy of the launcher from

  • Do not uninstall the old launcher, since that will remove EVE altogether.

I had personalized shortcuts that are now gone!

  • We tried our best to prepare for as many scenarios as possible, but sadly we can’t anticipate all the different customizations our players may have thought of, so some breakage can’t be helped.

I use Isboxer or other third-party tools, and everything is broken after updating.

  • Please get in touch with the developer of the software you are using. We can provide them with limited assistance, but we do not officially support any third-party launchers.

Some features are not working anymore since updating the launcher.

  • Please submit a bug report so we can fix the issue. There is a button at the top right of the launcher that looks like a bug that takes you to the bug report feature.

I have just updated the launcher, and now it’s asking me to update again.

  • Don’t worry, this is normal. We are constantly making updates to the new launcher and a new version may just have come out.

I play EVE through the Epic platform – what does this mean for me?

  • Epic has already rolled out the update to the new launcher, so if you’re an Epic user you should already be using the new launcher.

I play EVE through the Steam platform – what does this mean for me?

  • If you have recently installed EVE you are likely already using the new launcher. If not, you can wait for the update notification or uninstall EVE in your Steam library and then reinstall, which will usher in the new version.

The Future Is Now

Warping to New Eden has never been faster, easier, and more immersive than with the new EVE launcher. It will soon replace the old one permanently, but why wait? It’s easy to upgrade right away, by simply downloading it from the EVE website and following the instructions.