Launcher Settings Change – DirectX 9 Metrics Gathering | EVE Online

Launcher Settings Change – DirectX 9 Metrics Gathering

2017-09-06 - By CCP Falcon

In the next hour or so, we’ll be making a quick change that will clear the “Run game on DirectX 9” checkbox in your EVE Online Launcher.

The reason for this change is to facilitate the gathering of metrics on DirectX 9 usage, as well as we move towards phasing it out, as announced in this Dev Blog.

What will this do to my launcher?

Every time you start your EVE Online launcher, it checks your hardware to work out which version of DirectX to use when running the EVE Client. If you’re running an older machine, then fear not, your launcher will detect this, and launch using DirectX 9.

If you have a more recent machine that can run a newer version, the launcher will default to that. The only change that clearing this checkbox causes, is that it stops the launcher from forcing clients to launch in DirectX 9 and allows it to launch the most optimal for your machine.

If you do experience driver crashes after this change and would like to re-enable this checkbox, then feel free to do so. Please also be sure to file a bug report with us if you do encounter issues.

If you’d like to discuss this, you can do so in this thread on the EVE Online forums.