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Lecturer forced into hiding over allegations

2008-04-04 - By Svarthol

Balle: Professor Reymonde Foucalt, celebrated lecturer on Drone technology, has gone into hiding after allegations of strange behaviour have appeared in the press.

Professor Foucalt, who has dedicated his life to the study of Automated technology in zero-g environments, is staying resolutely silent after a former mistress has accused him of “unnatural practices”. A retired Naval Officer, he is well known and well liked within Gallentean educational circles.

“We were close friends for almost a year; he used to come to me to wind down after a hard day’s work,” revealed Liberienne Houlliente, society playgirl and heiress to a chain of nightclubs across Sinq Laison. “At first, it was just the usual, a drink, someone to talk to, someone to share his problems with; but then it turned physical after a night out on The Crystal Boulevard.” She related how Foucalt ‘groomed’ her into his world of perversion. “He started asking me to wear certain kinds of perfume, which were horrible to smell. It wasn’t until later I realised what he was doing. The perfume contained pheromones, although I wasn’t aware at the time.”

“He took advantage of my innocence. I thought at first that these were just harmless games, but it seems that he needed something extra.” She continued, “He asked me to make strange, mewing noises; I feel so humiliated now, I wish I could have seen what was coming.” Foucalt appeared at Liberienne’s apartment one night in a state of visible excitement, carrying a large bag. When he opened the bag, to Liberienne’s horror, it contained a fancy dress outfit. “This was no ordinary fancy dress. I mean there is nothing wrong with a little role-play, don’t think of me as a prude. This was a full sized Fedo outfit, and this disgusting old man wanted me to wear it in bed!” She collapses in tears.

Liberienne, a recovering alcoholic, kept quiet about the whole sordid affair, until Foucalt made it clear he had grown tired of her, and stopped returning her calls. “I feel so empty. He used me and abused me; I expected more from a man with his reputation.” Fighting back tears, she continued, “He has ruined my life, I can’t look at myself in the mirror anymore, and I knew it was time to go public about this pervert and his Fedophilia!”

When asked if she still possessed the fancy dress outfit, Liberienne revealed she had destroyed it, along with the perfume that Foucalt forced her to wear. She has kept a pharmacist’s report that showed the perfume was impregnated with Fedo pheromones.

Foucalt's secretary at his office in Balle made the following public statement: “It is true that Professor Foucalt had a relationship with Ms. Liberienne Houlliente, which he ended recently. Professor Foucalt states that he ended the relationship after Ms. Houlliente asked him to leave his wife and children. He refused to do so, and this is nothing more than a dirty smear campaign to disgrace a fine, upstanding academic.”

Professor Foucalt himself was “unavailable for comment” today at his private residence in Scuelazyns. His wife of thirty-seven years, Juissene, is “standing firm by his side while this nasty business is concluded.” It is reported that he has been working on new military applications of Drone tech, and that his work will undoubtedly suffer from these allegations.