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Lists of Sansha Abductees Increasingly Inaccurate

2010-07-13 - By Svarthol

Yulai - As Sansha's Nation continues its raids into Empire space, the number of those abducted rises. While official numbers report over two million missing, the stark reality is that many of those abducted remain simply a number on a ledger.

"Approximately one million are reported missing from Schmaeel," stated a Kor-Azor family official tasked with keeping track of the raids. "However, we have a list of names numbering barely half that many. We know the numbers are right, but we do not know the full identities of those missing."

The Amarr Empire isn't alone in having these problems, as large numbers of missing civilians from colonies in the Republic, Federation, and State also remain unidentified. According to recent reports, nearly thirty percent of the colonists abducted by Sansha's Nation remain unidentified by their empires.

"It's a simple matter of logistics," said Sister Amia Kathis of the Servant Sisters of EVE. "Many of the colonies being assaulted by the Nation are remote and poorly defended. Census reports may be years or even decades old. Say a new colonist arrives days before the Nation attacks. Who will miss them? Who will report them missing? What records will state they were ever there?"

Kathis is one of many in the SSoE who is trying to uncover the identities of those missing. "We owe it to those poor people to figure out who they are. Imagine suddenly vanishing from existence and no one caring. It's a terrifying thought." According to Kathis, efforts have been stymied by the empires' reluctance to allow outsiders access to census records.

Among the four empires, the Caldari State has been the most diligent about identifying its missing citizens. Currently, nearly 90% of those taken from Caldari worlds have been identified. Asked for an explanation, PR representative Yukuro Shiba of NOH said, "All colonists are employees of a corporation. Discovering who is missing is a simple task of cross-checking corporate rosters."