Live Dev Blog - Customer Support, Thursday, 13 September 20:00 to 21:00 GMT | EVE Online

Live Dev Blog - Customer Support, Thursday, 13 September 20:00 to 21:00 GMT

2007-09-11 - By Svarthol

This Live Dev Blog will focus on our Customer Support guys and features prominent guests from our Customer Service team. GM Xhagen, known from EVE TV; GM Xamother, worked behind the scenes during the Alliance Tournament and GM Retrofire, known for his laughter. These three guys will entertain you this Thursday, 13 September between 20:00 and 21:00. They will answer your questions and chat a bit about what it is our GM does.

Since this Live Dev Blog will feature Customer Service we will only be answering questions about Customer Service. We all want to know about Trinity II and the November expansion, but there will be other venues for that type of information. Our GMs will also only answer general questions about Customer Support, we cannot go into details on specific cases. We would ask you all to respect these rules to make this an enjoyable event for everyone!

If you're new to the Live Dev Blogs here's some information: First you need to have EVE Voice active, this is currently free and can be activated through the link. Then you have to join the in game channel "Live Dev Blog" and join audio to listen in. Before the Live Dev Blog starts you can post questions in a forum thread and during the Live Dev Blog selected questions will be answered live. At this point you may feel like you want a follow up question answered and if so, you can simply write your question in the channel and our speakers will do their best to answer.

If you wish to DISCUSS the Live Dev Blog, please do so in this Discussion thread!

If you wish to submit a QUESTION to our GMs, please do so in this Questions thread!

After the Live Dev Blog we will post a recording which you can dowload and listen to at your leisure in case you missed the Live Dev Blog or just want to hear it again.