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2006-08-09 - By CCP CAPSLOCK

CCP is preparing a new patch to be released to Tranquility later this month. The patch is still undergoing tests on the Singularity test server where you can try it out.

A German version of the user interface is available in this patch, and we call upon German speakers to try it out and send us feedback if you find the translation not to be accurate.

A team of German volunteers has put in numerous hours to translate the user interface to German. Other content such as mission texts, market groups and item descriptions and such have not been translated at this time.

How to activate the German user interface

Select German from the Language tab of the settings menu in order to switch the client to user interface to German. The client will have to restart for the German user interface to take effect.

German speakers wanted on Singularity to review the translation

We’re looking for volunteers to logon to Singularity and help us review the German translation before we release it to Tranquility.

If you find a better translation for any of the user interface elements in the game, then we would appreciate if you could send us your feedback using the bug reporting system.

When you submit a bug report make sure that:

<a href"="" myeve.eve-online.com="" ingameboard.asp?a="topic&threadID=137971"">guidelines

So what else is in this patch?

A side from the German user interface, the patch contains various optimizations; better load balancing of the server cluster, and the client’s visual effects will take less computing power which means the client will lag less in large battles.

The user interface code has been changed in such a way it can now been translated to various languages as we see fit. The UI will of course remain in English but the neat thing is that now people will be able to switch the user interface to German and, at a later time, to other languages as well.