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Look Ma, I'm a Live TV camera man

2006-07-26 - By Mephysto

So, EveTV is now over. I've had alot of fun running one of the in game cameras these last 2 weekends, and I'm also pretty sure that people are much more confident in my abilities after I called the cap transfer a remote armor rep. My excuse is that I normally solo pirate... er... low sec npc hunt and I rarely get involved in fleet actions.

I noticed people asking why I was using the ordinary "look at" feature, and not the advanced camera options. Answer is simple: the tourney client that allowed us to display the teams in that way had several problems in it. We had to restart the clients after each fight in order to clear the cache, and for whatever reason in the advanced camera mode only the UI reset camera button would actually reset the camera if the parent/target option was destroyed. It was decided that rather than spend 50% of our time switching the clients in and out of the tournament mode to reset the camera, we'd just use the look at instead. Not a perfect solution, but it worked reasonably well.

After sitting next to DJ's Xod and Xman for over 30 hours of live broadcasting, I am amazed by their ability to keep talking even through the most boring of situations. Xyliana also did a fantastic job of keeping everything together and running smoothly. Urban Mongral probably had the worst job, in trying to keep the streams running and load balanced but he succeeded amazingly. JusJack, SpiralJunkie, Ifni and Stavros (along with the various guests) all did a great job on the sofa, as well as Hinik as the camera man. I'm looking forward to when the DVD is ready, so I can actually find out what they were saying. Generally we were so busy setting up for the fights, we didnt get a chance to listen to what the studio was talking about.

Say what you will about how boring some of those fights were to watch, they were amazing displays in tactical combat. Some of the things that stand out from the various matches are Truk's uber tanked Raven, BoB's amazing comeback in their semi-final match, the foolishness of some people using microwarpdrives to approach torp firing enemies (yes a blaster deimos is very painful at close range, but its all irrelevant if you are dead on arrival), the amount of torps used against small targets that weren't even target painted, and the various stalemate matches where paint drying was more interesting.

Outside of the tournament, although large portions of CCP are still on their summer holidays, work continues on preparing the next patch for TQ to bring it to the same code base (more or less) as China. I have no ETA on this other than Soon™ though. Also, some of the features and content for Kali is starting to appear on the internal test servers and we're enjoying playing around with these. The upgraded system scanning is going to rule.

Ok, I think thats enough random gibberish from me for now. I need more sleep. Oh yes, I almost forgot....